about us

The Stretch Solution is a luxury, high-end Stretch Studio located in the heart of Eagleview Town Center (inside The-Back.Space). We provide aclient-centered, full-body, assisted stretch service that helps our clients tap into their flexibility, mobility, health, and wellness goals. 
Our approach is unique and very different than other businesses that offer similar services. We operate from a holistic, educated, skilled, and trauma-informed philosophy. Our Stretch Specialists are fully vetted and credentialed by the American Sports and Fitness Association. In addition, our Stretch Specialists have secondary credentialing in the allied health field such as Occupational Therapy, Nursing, and Pre-Medical School Education.
We look forward to sharing our passion and our customized services with you.
-Aggie & Dr. Beau


aggie lawrence

Co-Founder & HBIC


dr. beau casey

Co-Founder & Business Developer

our services

Our goal is to improve the body’s natural range of motion by improving the flexibility, mobility, and health of the muscles, connective tissue, and joints. 
We provide individualized care and a series of curated movements to enhance daily activities, athletic performance, decrease tension and pain, and improve the overall quality of life. 
Our Stretch Specialists are trained to meet each client's unique needs. No matter where you are on your wellness journey, Assisted Stretching Sessions will compliment your chiropractic care, physical therapy, yoga practice, and massage therapy as a groundbreaking new form of fitness instruction. 
Each Stretch Session begins with a needs assessment to identify movements/ranges of motion that may need improvement. You then will be guided through your customized series of stretches that not only are relaxing, but feel really good as well. We include percussion therapy and aromatherapy to elevate your experience
People liken the experience to having a yoga class and a massage at the same time. The proof of our work lies in the success of our clients and their continued booking. 

30-Minute Express Stretch Session | $45
60-Minute Signature Stretch Session | $80

our testimonials

"I am happy to refer my clients to Aggie and her Team.I can absolutely tell that my clients are improving faster than without Assisted Stretching. I especially appreciate how well versed they are in Chiropractic Principals and Philosophy!”

Dr. Komal Khattak


“My flexibility has improved 10x fold since starting receiving routineStretch Sessions. My neck pain has reduced and my posture has gotten so much better!"

Dr. Jonathan Davitte

Epidemiologist and Data Scientist

“I love my Stretch Sessions with Aggie.I notice a difference in how I feel immediately afterward and continue to improve each time! ”

Barb C.

Retiree, Mom, Grandma & Badass